About RazorBack Direct


Since inception, Razorback Direct’s consultancy team has demonstrated a track record of success in saving many operators > 30% on their overall chemical OPEX expenditure for completions, eliminating chemical related downtime and providing an unmatched reassurance of supply. Focused on deploying a unique formula focused solely on the operator’s wells, we view each well and each pad as the most important. We operate lean, invest in field driven capability, and remain supported by a research center that is solely intended to support the ongoing operation towards quality assurance and risk mitigation. Seeing the operator succeed is embedded into our DNA, we relentlessly pursue customer satisfaction.

With a proven track record of zero NPT owing to chemicals, a legacy of cost improvements, supported by a core team of engineers and scientists with an innovative mindset, we take learnings from field to lab, re-design and bring improvements back to the field. We remain unique in this regard.

Our Purpose

Maximize Efficiency through the Right Application of Technology. At Razorback Direct, we firmly believe that the right technology directly correlates to improvements in operational efficiency and cost reduction. By leveraging our expertise and extensive portfolio, we help operators unlock their full potential.

Our Vision

To become the leading solution provider for Oil and Gas operators seeking access to best-in-class chemistry technologies for completions in the lower 48. Mission To identify, support and service oil and gas operators seeking to outperform the industry average for efficacy and daily frac stage count while offering a progressively diminished carbon footprint.

Our Leadership Team

Introduce the experienced leadership team and highlight their combined years of experience in the oil and gas sector.

Ray Juman

President and CEO

Kyle Koenig

VP of Business Development

Ryan Jones

VP of Technology

Aaron Taylor

VP Operations

Kevin Gurganious

Regional Manager

Erika Simons

Sales Director

Reshma Juman

Director of Finance